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We stay with the bees

Together with 3Bee we have adopted a hive, we defend the bees and support the work of beekeepers

In nature, everything is needed.
In nature, each element supports the balance of the entire food chain.
In nature, it is often the smallest insects that play the most important role.
Insects like bees.

Without bees and their fundamental pollination work, we would no longer have 80% of the food, including fruit and vegetables, with which we eat every day.
Unfortunately, today's world, with its climate at risk, increasingly deforested and with constantly threatened green areas, has become inhospitable for these precious insects that are slowly disappearing.

Here at the Hotel Select we are on the side of bees and for this reason we have decided to join the initiative Adopt a hive of the agri-tech company 3Bee.

We relied on Diego, a beekeeper from Pesaro known as The Man with the Bees and now we are monitoring one of his hives remotely in his rural oasis near the sea.

Together with him we produce step by step, following the rhythm of nectar maturation, a delicious wildflower honey.
It is a slow and unhurried process, just as we like it, so to taste the honey you will have to wait until September and then you can finally enjoy it for breakfast here at the Hotel Select.

Do you want to follow our beehive waiting to taste the honey?

Adopting a beehive is a concrete gesture that is good for the environment and that you can do with us. We are happy to periodically update you on the production phases of our wildflower honey.

Only juicy, sweet and green news will buzz from you!

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