informal chic and green

Let's smile: you, us, everyone…

…even the Planet!

There's not a Planet B ... that's why we are committed to offering a holiday that is good for you and the environment around us. We have started a path towards awareness, in the name of a more sustainable and ecological stay idea.

We believe in choice rather than consumption and we know that together we can make a difference for a naturally cleaner world and a better tomorrow for everyone.

Live Green, Live Better!

Sustainability? Yes, please!

The green philosophy is not something that we live as imposed, but it is a feeling that is born in the depths of our hearts and that we all share, owners and collaborators. We firmly believe that only with the involvement and commitment of each of us can we contribute to the well-being of our Planet.

Plastic free zone

We have drastically reduced the plastic bottles in the Breakfast Room, at the bars and in the mini-bar of all rooms. We don't want to stop there, because one of our goals is to reduce plastic consumption in the hotel whenever possible.

Follow the Sun!

We believe in renewable sources and we want to reduce our polluting emissions to breathe cleaner air. For this reason, the energy needs of the Hotel Select are largely self-generated, thanks to an electrical cogeneration plant together with solar panels.

Together is better

We believe in the importance of choices. This is why we prefer suppliers who primarily adopt a green strategy and strive to make choices in this direction, for example, with recycling, the withdrawal of empty containers of goods, the use of low environmental impact means of transport. Wherever possible we choose local suppliers.

Water is a source of life

Water is our most important resource: we absolutely do not want to waste it. This is why all the taps in the Hotel have flow reducers and the pool purification system uses modern technology with recycled glass that filters and sanitizes, avoiding the use of chemical disinfectants.

Light without waste

Light is a precious commodity, but it must not turn into pollution. This is why we adopt LED lighting in all the structure that allows us to reduce consumption and therefore emissions. In addition, all the lights turn off when you leave the room and the lighting of the common areas is timed.

Mother Nature guides every choice

We choose natural and ecological alternatives for the soaps in the rooms and for the products of Le Ninfe Spa; just as we also ethically choose detergents for daily cleaning. In addition, in our kitchen we favor organic and zero-kilometer food to offer you the highest quality and freshness without impacting the environment.

Zero emissions when you move

For your travels you have the city bikes of the Hotel Select at your disposal and you have the possibility to rent e-bikes for excursions in the hinterland. We suggest you to use the Metromare, the new electric line of the Riviera which stops a 5-minuts walk from the hotel. We are Tesla Destination Charging, with 3 charging stations for your electric car.

We are friends of the trees

We feel the plants as our friends, faithful and sincere. This is why we have an orchard, from which we receive delicious jams and a vegetable garden, where we collect vegetables every day to prepare genuine dishes respecting the season.

The goals achieved until now

And we certainly don't stop here ...

  • 12.000 plastic bottles saved
  • 70% of light saved with LEDs
  • 700 liters of pool water disinfectant, no longer used
  • 50.000 kg of carbon dioxide less, thanks to solar panels
  • 75 trees in our orchard
  • 115 jars of jam prepared with our fruit
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