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Honesty Bar

The brand new bar area always open, where you serve yourself

We believe in a free and carefree holiday, this is the reason why we have created a new bar area on the first floor, where you can help yourself whenever you want.

The Honesty Bar of the Hotel Select in Riccione is designed to guarantee you the refreshing break you need. Here you will find delicious snacks for a crunchy nibble, fresh alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, a small selection of bottles for your toasts and a corner dedicated to infusions.

All products are constantly supplied and chosen according to the philosophy of the Hotel Select, always favoring quality, freshness and zero kilometer.
Together with Ospitalità Natura we have chosen for you a range of organic fruit juices and soft drinks from local producers and not bottled in plastic but in glass containers.
When it's time for a break, we believe in greedy snacks, which nourish and quench thirst with taste without impacting the environment.

How does the Honesty Bar work?

Just like in metropolitan hotels all over the world, the Honesty Bar is not served by the staff: you choose the proposal that best suits you and then mark it on the drink sheet.

A pact of trust

Here at the Hotel Select we can say that we love two words more than all the others, the word "trust" because only by believing in our neighbor can we go far; and the word "responsibility" towards others, towards the environment that surrounds us and hosts us.

We think that the Honesty Bar perfectly brings these two concepts together and we can't wait to share it with you.

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