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E-Bike Tours in Valconca, on the notes of wine between tastings and cellars

Riding the E-Bike you enjoy the landscape because pedaling has a completely different taste (yes, even your palate will thank you). The Valconca E-Bike & Wine Tour starts from the suggestive PortoVerde dock and takes you to discover the natural protected faunal oasis of the Valconca. Along the way, a stop at the Enio Ottaviani Farm is waiting for you, which has been carrying out a precious vinification process for years, producing excellent bottles. Breathe the scent of the earth, walk through the vineyards and oxygenate yourself with the landscape of the true Romagna.

Duration: 4 hours and a half
Distance: 32 km
Difficulty: Easy


An ancient village of fishermen, the magic of cinema and the charm of the hills in one city, Rimini!

Rimini in E-Bike Get on the saddle

Rimini's sunset and the Dolce Vita in the Fellini footsteps.

E-bike discovering Federico Fellini Live the dream
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